Talent recruitment


The highest level of management is "Inaction", namely through the internal control to stimulate the enthusiasm of the staff. Intellectual workers basically has a good autonomy, but they are more engaged in the work of thinking, the rigid work rules does not mean much to them, they love more rich and challenging work independently, love more tension work arrangements. Therefore, the work of design organization should consider personal preference and reflect the value of employees, as much as possible to create a safe and comfortable working environment for employees, expanding the scope of work, enrich the work content, the work of diverse and complete at the same time, gradually implement the flexible work system, increase working time can be scalable and flexible working place, and to establish friendship team oriented corporate style and corporate culture, so that employees feel the work itself is a kind of enjoyment. In order to maximize the enthusiasm and creativity of the staff, we can show our talents in the work and realize the self value.

2. dimensional incentive mechanism

First of all, to improve the wages and benefits. For intellectual employees, salary is a measure of self-worth, higher than the market price of the average salary will allow employees to feel the importance of their enterprises. In the design of salary, we should base on the ability of the people, reflect the different value of the employees of different levels. Welfare has always been a means for enterprises to attract and retain key employees, many people choose the company when the company can provide competitive benefits as an important weight.

Second, provide compensation for work performance. To improve the performance appraisal system of employees under the premise of the development prospects of contribution income of employees and business closely tied together, a feasible way is the risk with responsibility, shared interests, such as the distribution of equity or stock options.

Finally, to meet the spiritual needs. The material benefit is the basic factor to realize the enthusiasm, but the spiritual demand is also a kind of huge impetus, it is the demand of the higher level of the material demand, can play the role for a long time. Therefore, in improving the comprehensive treatment of knowledge workers, but also focus on job satisfaction, including work challenging and fun, allowing creative and achieve personal satisfaction; achievement recognition, including colleagues and superiors on the achievements of identity are very economic.

3. focus on training

Intellectual personnel out of their own and professional needs, will pay more attention to the enterprise to provide training or re learning opportunities. Therefore, enterprises in addition to provide a commensurate remuneration for employees and contribution, should also improve the personnel training mechanism, to provide education to improve their skills and learning opportunities for intellectual employees, which has a lifetime employment ability. In this way, the enterprise can combine the development of the enterprise with the development of the individual, and achieve the goal of "win-win". From the perspective of social trends, the survey shows that: corporate training costs are rising every year, the higher the level of knowledge of enterprises in the training costs and time to pay more. Therefore, it is very important to strengthen the training of intellectual employees for the knowledge-based enterprises, SMEs should strengthen the training input in the case of financial resources.

4. career planning

Intelligence personnel requirements for personal development is very high, enterprises should fully understand the intellectual staff's personal needs and occupation development will provide a challenging opportunity for the development, to create the largest space to play. Let them have the right to speak in the work and the management decision-making, for its requirements of the rising road, with the growth and contribution of enterprises, fair promotion, or to create new business opportunities, so that employees can clearly see the future development of their own in the organization, to make long-term cooperation woe, in partnership with the organization for the enterprise dedicated to contribute their strength.

Human capital is the key capital of knowledge-based enterprises, which puts forward higher requirements for the management of human resources. The design and development of the human resource management program which is in accordance with the characteristics of knowledge enterprises, especially small and medium-sized enterprises, is not only helpful to the development of such enterprises, but also contribute to the development of smes. In the fierce competition in the market, people who have talent, talent, but also the world.