The Guangdong province delightfully fresh county gold positive porcelain and ceramics electric appliances accessories factory is the business enterprise that a furniture has several 10-year electronics, electric appliances of the profession production a porcelain and ceramics.The my plant owns a professional manager and technical personnel, is the section, work, 贸 business enterprise which gathers the research, production, sale as integral whole.

Our product mainly have an electric appliances porcelain and ceramics, give or get an electric shock a hot porcelain and ceramics, light source porcelain and ceramics and fine porcelain and ceramics accessories etc., among them include soapstone a porcelain and ceramics(high 频 porcelain) 95 porcelain and ceramicses(AL2 O2 Ps 5%), porcelain and ceramicses connect line terminal, the porcelain and ceramics connects line pillar, the porcelain and ceramics insurance takes care of, the porcelain and ceramics has fever a body, porcelain and ceramics light, porcelain and ceramics socket, iodine 钨 socket, light source socket, porcelain and ceramics electric resistance, coal gas the 燃 have porcelain beat fire needle, respond needle, have fever tube porcelain, different type porcelain and ceramics, bear heat a nasty and cold and nasty and hot porcelain and ceramics piece, hot-resistant bear press a porcelain and ceramics a piece etc. up to thousand species, in the electronics, electric appliances, electric power, machine, metallurgy, make a medicine, turn 纤 , spin and weave, the transportation, optical aspects got an extensive application, and my plant product export to nations, such as the United States, Japan, Korea, Taiwan and Western Europe...etc. and region, popular whole country more than 20 provinces, cities, autonomous region, be subjected to large customer of consistent good opinion.

Welcoming to the kind comes to diagram to order.We wish to cooperate with social public sincerity, with the good prestige, superior quality of product, perfect service, reasonable of the price build up with you various economy, technique cooperative relation, end carry out a common progress, common development.