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Go all out in the four quarter to ensure the successful completion of the annual task

Release time: 2017-04-07

Eleven after a long vacation, officially entered the fourth quarter of the working state of all employees of the company to respond positively to the call, combined with the market and customer needs to further enhance the sense of urgency and responsibility, self pressurized, energetic, full sprint, big fourth quarter, to ensure that the annual task successfully completed.

2015 the company's objectives are divided into economic objectives, economic operation quality, asset quality and specific objectives of the four aspects. Under the leadership of general manager Zhang Guohua,

Each department of coordination and cooperation, work together to sort out internal processes, a clear division of responsibilities, mobilize the enthusiasm, every employee's initiative and creativity. In front of the annual target, firmly adhere to and not slack, pay close attention to production safety, pay close attention to the implementation of luck, do not discount. Adhere to the "market-oriented, customer centered, to serve as the fundamental, efficiency as the goal," the principle of operation, the company has created a full energy for the upper atmosphere.

Let us devote to the research and production work, insist the goal, to tackle tough, play team advantage, sprint, strive to complete the annual business objectives.

To lay a solid foundation for the future development of the packaging division.