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Focus on the construction of enterprise culture

Release time: 2017-04-07

Corporate culture is a kind of value concept, this concept of thinking, although seemingly empty, but it is the enterprise's internal strength, is the core power of enterprise development. The establishment of corporate culture is not a matter of time, is the need for the cultivation and accumulation of history, high-tech companies have always attached importance to the construction of corporate culture, and adhere to start from scratch.

In early February this year the company relocated to 401 after the new plant, the New District Office of the corporate culture is gradually improving. The first is the reception for the decoration, now enter the gate you can see the name of the enterprise group and LOGO, Wuxi Hi Tech Electronics Co., micro letters conspicuous and eye-catching, "there are more directivity and publicity. The overall style of the blue low-key atmosphere. Secondly, the enterprise culture in the publicity slogan marked office area blank wall: the courage to play, dare to innovate, full of passion; security responsibilities to the quality of survival, weightier than Mount Tai; innovation and development...... Looking at a new banner and a new office area, as a member of the pride of the enterprise, the sense of corporate culture. At the same time, a slogan is always alert and bound themselves, to their strict requirements, scientific research and production to be meticulous, and constantly improve their business level. I believe that in this subtle atmosphere, everyone's mental outlook will be improved, becoming the spiritual power of enterprise development.

Currently, the Department of the first floor of the product display is also in the decoration, will be completed in the near future. After the completion of the business products showroom will also serve as a part of corporate culture, as one of the main window and the way of publicity of enterprises, introduce and publicize to the main business enterprise, for the leadership and customer visit and provide more convenient, also for the enterprise market development and corporate propaganda play an important role.

Excellent corporate culture is the full embodiment of the spirit of the enterprise, is the spirit of enterprise development, the sustainable and stable development of the enterprise has a significant role in promoting. We adhere to start from scratch, the accumulation of corporate culture of the deep inside, for the cause of the rapid development of the contribution.